Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Getting in shape for camp

I am not sure how many campers (about 100 of them will be there this year) actually attempt to be in shape (any shape is acceptable for fantasy camp -- "round" seems to be the most common type) but in preparation for camp I decided that running a 5k on New Years Day didn't seem to be a crazy idea -- well I signed up up in late October and today's weather here in Minneapolis was a crisp -6 degrees outside -- while my car said 11 degrees when I drove home (at 11am) I ended up running the Lifetime Fitness "Committment Day" 5k today -- now I figured I would run it to just say I ran a 5k in cold temperatures -- I want to give a big thanks to Brian (who I had agreed to pick up as a car pool to downtown) since once I cemented plans I had no way of backing out.   We both finished and ended up being a fun race and nothing was frozen.....nothing that I could feel at least.   I will probably hit the batting cages tomorrow as it has been over two weeks since I last hit, I was able to throw the baseball around a little bit while spending Christmas in Tucson but overall I am probably in decent shape heading into camp.  The legs are the most important since by the end of the week you can barely walk/run without pain -- so you need to have your legs in great shape to ensure yourself of a 'good' camp.  If you lose your legs -- the rest goes with it!!

This is Brian and me before the 5k -- we look like Star Wars figures
Well off to enjoy the rest of the New Years Day!  Happy 2013 and camp arrival in just 4 days.....


~~ "Let's play two!" Ernie Banks ~~

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