Saturday, January 14, 2017

Camp Finals!

 4 teams squared off today to earn the right to call themselves champions of each division.

The morning game was In the Bag vs. Game 7.  This was a very good baseball game until the 6th inning -- In the Bag scored 3 runs in the 4th and 5th inning to go up 3-0 after a scoreless first 3 innings to start the game.  Game 7 bats woke up in the 6th inning and put up a huge crooked number -- 9 -- and that was the final 9-3.

The afternoon game was BruLess vs Lucky 13's. This was another good game - Lucky's put up 2 runs in the bottom of the 1st to take an early lead.  Bru-less cut the lead to 2-1 in the top of the third - but Lucky's came back with 2 more in the bot of the third to take a 4-1 lead.  We head to the fifth inning where both teams get a run and it is 5-2.  Lott shut down Bru-less the rest of the way and took the 5-2 victory.

Tonight the final banquet will be awards - we will see where the hardware goes this year.  As always lots of good options out there and should be interesting to see who gets what - I know I am interested to see who gets the over 50 Cy Young and MVP - I think one guy on our team definitely has a case for that argument.

You can watch both games on the archives at if you just have some time to kill.  Last year the championship games last well over 5 hours of combined baseball (with a 10 inning thriller) but this year the games were both under 2 hours.

Another successful week of baseball - escaped no major injuries - which is a good thing, I need to work on Monday.

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What fantasy camp is really's a big family

Read Patrick Reusse's article on Steve Lufkin:

Stay Strong Steve.

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Semi Finals Friday!

All eight teams play in a single elimination two four team brackets -- seeds 1 vs 4, 2 vs 3 and seeds 5 vs 8 and 6 vs 7.

It rained a bit this morning but the sun came out and dried the fields off nicely shortly after the first pitch.

We were slated to play the 3 Stooges.  I need to eat some crow here - I predicted a rough week for this team -- they ended up going 3-4 for the week - which isn't great, but considering they won the tiebreaker over 2 teams and got the 4 seed says a lot.  I truly think it was coaching - Watkins, Oliva, and Stinger did their part. We played them earlier in the week to an 11 inning marathon were we prevailed 6-3 - but that game was well played by the 3 Stooges.
The game starts fast - they score 2 in the top of 1st and we score 2 in the bottom -- tied up 2-2.  We strike again in the bottom of the 3 to make it 3-2.  I trot out for the 4th inning to keep pitching (mind you my body is a wreck today - a 'bug' is going around camp and while I am mostly fine, I definitely have something in my lungs) but the 3 Stooges tag me for another run and make it 3-3.  So far an excellent game - we did receive a break as they had a runner thrown out at 3rd to end the top of the 4th. Lucky 13's scratch one more run in the 4th to make it 4-3. I go out in the 5th inning and work myself out of a jam after giving up 2 hits to start the inning.  We have Randy Lott come to close the game down - he runs into trouble in the 6th inning - with a guy on 2nd, Jeff comes up to bat (the leading batting average guy this week) and a decision needs to be make.  Soup Campbell comes out to the mound to let us know that first base is open. Lott decides, "It's his fantasy camp too, let's go after him" - what a great statement.  So Lott is going to pitch to Jeff - who has the sweetest left handed swing I have seen in a long time.  Lott gets strike one and strike two on him.  A hard batter to get out (in any fashion) - Lott fires his curveball and Jeff swings and misses - it was nasty.  Inning over.  Top of 7th they get a lead off hit but the next guys grounds into a 6-6-3 double play to erase the runner.  The next batter (Jeff's dad -- Bill) hits a slow roller to first and the game is over.  I get the win but Lott with a HUGE save - we play tomorrow - we play the #2 seed - Bru-Less - in Hammond Stadium at 12:15pm tomorrow (Saturday).  The 7 seed -- Game 7 -- and the 8 seed - In the Bag - square off in the morning tilt at 9:30pm.

Games can be watched streaming live via the internet on

Off to Kangaroo court!

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thursday Post - It's short.....

We play 2 on thursday here at camp -- lots of teams in it at the beginning of the day - we will see who is left after the day (all teams make the playoffs - just a matter of if you make it in the top 4 or bottom 4) -- we started our game off in fine fashion by taking a lead early on and after spotting them one run we cruised to victory - our favorite Italian Tony B got us through the game and we win the game 13-4.  Not that we secured an upper bracket spot, but we like our chances now.
Game 2 is upon us - not sure who to pitch I get ready just in case - I was informed that Tony B will take the hill again - long story short - Tony goes another 7 innings and the CG (complete game) victory -- wow Tony saved our butt - our two "best" pitchers on the team (but clearly it was Tony.....) didn't have to throw a pitch today.  We won 13-1 in the afternoon tilt - now here are the standings -- totally unofficial.....but I think this is how it goes:

1) Lucky 13's
2) Bru-Less
3) Last Chance
4) 3 Stooges* (according to sources)

5) Warriors* (might be 4 or 6)
6) Uglies* (might be 4 or 5)
7) Game 7
8) In the Bag

So we will get a twitter post early in the morning with the matchups!

I think technically I got more hits today than the prior 5 games -- or I matched it -- to salvage my batting average -- unofficially .375 -- only pitching 7 innings is crazy - but it all worked out.  Coach Soup Campbell told me I will be on the mound tomorrow - so I am looking to be a little sharper than I was on Tuesday.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hump Day - We play one

Weds is a tough day around camp -- coming off back to back days of doubleheaders - the body is feeling the wear and tear -- I was definitely one of those guys today.  We were playing Last Chance today and they are also 3-1 going into today's game.  Very good hitting squad...but like many teams the pitching is thin.  We went with our guy Eddie -- he throws like a 1/4 (side arm underhand.....the only way I can describe it).  I should have taken a video of it.  Glen Perkins and Kyle Gibson were doing some rehab and some work in the bullpen on the field we were playing at -- and we noticed them even watching our game a bit.  I need to remember to check Kyle Gibson twitter account as I saw him taking a picture or two - since I played 3rd base today I might be in the background of those possible photos!!

Ok to the game - we raced out to a big lead -- in fact 6-0 after the top of the 3rd inning.  We move forward to the 5th inning with the same score - we are sort of sleep walking through the game - a few hits here and there but most of our runs were off walks.  Bottom of the 5th comes around and we decide to keep sleep walking in the field this time -- we gave up 3 runs -- now it is a ball game.  Last Chance tacks on another run to make it 6-4.  We did not get a hit or a walk the final 4 innings of the game and head to the 7th to end it -- well make a long story short - Last Chance took it seriously and walked off a win with 3 runs in the bottom of the 7th.  They were giving a couple outs by our fielding - but they hit the ball well and scored off those hits -- 7-6 is the final.

We head into tomorrow's game at 3-2 record - we win one game tomorrow we are probably nestled into the top 4 as currently we are looking good for tiebreakers -- but nothing is a given at this point - we give up a bunch a runs in the first game (and lose) -- we could be the 5 seed easy.  We play the Uglies and Warriors -- and both of them are similar situations as us.

Unofficial Standings:

Last Chance   4-1
Bru-Less        3-2
Uglies             3-2
Lucky 13's      3-2
Warriors          2-3
Game 7           2-3
3 Stooges        2-3
In the Bag       1-4

Patrick Reusse has been at the camp the last 3 days - I was going to ask him to read this blog to see if I can get a gig with the StarTrib as a columnist -- but I decided to just say, "Hey Patrick".....I couldn't go that much rube on the bit.

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