Sunday, December 30, 2012

One more week.....

We are in the stretch run before I head out to Fort Myers -- the weather is brutal this week in Minnesota as temperatures will not be above freezing at any time in the next few days.  The weather in Florida will be much appreciated as we approach Saturday afternoon's landing at the airport in Fort Myers.  I need to plan out my packing this year -- last year I think I was packing on Saturday morning (not like it matters) but considering all the little things I need for the trip I was thinking that getting things all ready to go by Thursday evening would be a great goal.  I don't have to rush and forget some items (good thing Fort Myers has Target stores around) and kick myself.  The first trip included forgetting my power cord for my laptop -- yes, not good times there.  I had to spend a half a day finding a power cord at various electronic/computer stores -- took 3 trips in all and cost me a couple bucks on top of it.  I am going to attempt to start posting almost daily so if you are checking on here -- check back this week (and course next week), I was going to post a couple pictures and review what has happened over the last couple years at camp!!  Destination -- Fort Myers....Saturday Jan 5th!!   Follow along like you are there (sans good weather and beaches of course)


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