Friday, January 13, 2012

Semifinals -- Horse Racers vs. The SOB's

We were ready to play the 8 seed in the lower division playoffs at the fantasy camp.  We beat this team earlier 6-0 when I was on the mound and we expected to win this game as we had Van on the mound.
We gave up a lone run in the first but came back with 3 runs in the bottom of the first to take our first lead of the day.  We tacked on 4 more runs in the 3rd inning and Van was cruising on the mound.  Our defense was stellar once again as nearly every routine play was being made in the field.  We tack on 2 runs in the 5th and 6th inning and Van finished off the complete game victory as we won 11-2.  The game was never that close.   The Horse Racers took care of business.

We will play in Hammond Stadium at 9:30am tomorrow and play for the 'lower' division championship vs. the Warriors.  We played them in game 1 and lost to them on a dramatic 5-4 extra inning game.  It was a game we felt that we could have won (but didn't) but now we have a chance to redeem ourselves and beat them for the championship.  I will be pitching in the game tomorrow and excited -- my main goal will be to throw strikes and let the batters get themselves out -- I will be mixing my pitches a bit as they have a few decent hitters - so I hope I can hit my spots and get a curveball across every now and then.

Tonight is Kangaroo Court and I will be paying dearly as Bert has been asking me, "You should be tweeting...."  "Are you going to tweet that?" -- I think tweeting will become a new fine at court tonight - I might have to hire counsel.....


~~ "You can observe a lot just by watching." - Yogi Berra ~~

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