Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Morning

The Horse Racers, led by Tim Laudner and Frankie Viola had a real good week of baseball but let's face it -- they underperformed.  We finished with a not so stellar 3 wins and 4 losses -- we lost three games by 1 run, we gave up 26 runs in 7 games -- we played great defense, pitching was pretty solid (low on the walk totals, sans game 3), hitting was OK -- if you come down to camp and put our defense and runs against numbers any time in camp that's a 5-2 team every time.   Enough breaking down the numbers - we had a fun week and the highlight of the week was yesterday when in the top of the 7th inning - 78 year old Curt S. went to the mound and pitched a 1-2-3 inning on just 7 pitches.  That was just pure fun and I had heard so many stories about how good a pitcher Curt was 'back in the day' (like 3-4 years ago even) and how he had a great screwball and good curveball.
Fantasy Camp Hall of Famer - Curt S.
We will play the SOB's today.  They finished up pool play with a record of 1-6.  We shut them out in game 2 so expectations (they have been high all week) are to go out TCB and play on Saturday morning in Hammond Stadium.  Van will be pitching today and we don't even need his "A" game (which is extremely awesome) -- we need him to pitch a solid "B+" --  no walks (mainly), the defense has been solid for us all week and some timely hitting.

The afternoon today is reserved for the Pro Staff vs. Rookies camper game in Hammond stadium.  They will organize all the rookies into a couple teams and play a few 3 inning games -- usually a pretty good time and fun stuff tends to happen.   Last year I was asked to play in the outfield for the Pro Staff - I am hoping my legs have something left in them to do the same thing this afternoon.....forecast calls for Sunny and 73 today -- a beautiful day to be playing some hardball.


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