Sunday, January 15, 2012

Getaway Day…..

It’s Sunday and time to go home – the best and worst part of the week.  The good part is I get to home and see my wife and two sons – as I really have a hard being away from home.  In general I am a home body and enjoy the routine of ‘everyday life’.  The ‘bad’ part is leaving the family that is the Fantasy Camp.  The teammates you play with all week really truly become a family like group – I can understand how ‘tight’ teams get in real baseball because of how much time they spend together.
Saturday Night is the final banquet night.  The camp has a few things going on during the evening.  They have a live auction, a silent auction, a plated dinner, and awards to be given out.  The camp gives out awards for the following performances:
Kirby Puckett Award – to the player who shows the most heart and hustle during the week
Rookie of the Year – to the best rookie in camp
Gold Glove – the best fielder in camp (they give two awards here with an over 50 and under 50 player)
Cy Young – the best pitcher in camp (two awards are handed out as well)
MVP – the best overall  player in camp (two awards)
I was nominated for the Gold Glove and for the MVP awards.   When they announced my name as the camp’s MVP I was very surprised.  I truly never thought this hardware would come my way.   The camp truly has many good players around and truth be told timing is everything as well.   It was pointed out to me (from my favorite roommate) that I got some hits early (people remember hits), I pitched a couple good games (helped out by stellar defense by my teammates), and then later in the week I was in the right spot at the right time to make some catches in left field that ended up being talked about – so not only do you have play good, you have to have the opportunities – if you played for certain teams your chances of catching fly balls in the outfield could be limited (especially if you get some good pitching) – so it all has to come together.   I do remember my first camp and thinking – “getting an MVP now that would be pretty cool” – well two years later – yea it’s pretty cool.   As my friend from high school – the Rube – sent me a text message, “I’m actually giddy”.   The Rube doesn’t get giddy – seriously, it doesn’t happen, ever – another shocker of the evening.
Well back to reality and routine of life (which I do enjoy) – the amazing part of camp is all the thoughts (and dreams) that will continue all year long.  The summer will include opportunities to see other campers at Twins games and other venues – it is always good to see family, the camp family is a great family to be a part of.
I want to also thank all the crazy readers of my blog – I appreciate all the comments/emails/facebook messages about the blog.  I started this blog the first year just thinking it would be a good idea to journal the week of events and now it is turned into my ‘mini-fantasy’ writing gig I wanted when I was in high school (a sports journalist).  I will continue to blog my adventures – if only to attempt to recruit friends to get their butt down here – as not only do I enjoy it, it will be fun to read sometime in the future to relive all those games, pitches, at bats, teammates, and GREAT friends.
If you want to know more about the camp check out the camp’s website: or please send me an email at --  just make sure you put something good subject line so I don’t delete as spam is really annoying (maybe something like “Twins Fantasy Camp”).  Please look me up on facebook as well – - I have more pictures uploaded there as well if you so desire to drown yourself in more Twins Fantasy Camp adventures……and until next year (or the next ‘baseball’ adventure) this camper is really tired.  (now to recover from my left groin pull and bruised right

Thursday Injury - notice the color difference in the middle of my palm
same thing on the other side as well (around the thumb)

~~ "You can observe a lot just by watching." - Yogi Berra ~~

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