Saturday, January 14, 2012

Championship Saturday

It's saturday here at camp and half the camp will be playing today the other half of the camp will watch the Noon championship game (*smile*).  The games will be played in Hammond Stadium, this is the same stadium the Minnesota Twins play their spring training games, and it is fun to just be on the field.  All four teams that won yesterday will be playing today.

9:30 AM:   Horse Racers (5) vs. Warriors (7)
Pitching Matchups:  Paul Bennett vs. Dick Washburn
12:15 PM:  Brewskies (1) vs. Cuban Stingers (3)
Pitching Matchups:  Dick Bremer vs. Lance Anderson

I think both games should be close.  You can probably make some arguments for all four teams who will win the games but since you are reading (and asking) I am going to give them to you.

Keys to winning the game -- I am not going to state the obvious, but if any of these teams give away bases via errors and walks during the game -- you can throw these keys out the window.  (this post is brought to you by Chevy and by.....)

Morning Game:

Horse Racers - Batting, if they can score 6 or 7 runs they will be in good shape.  They come into this game giving up 3.6 runs per game (2nd best at camp) but just average 5.5 runs.  If they can get the bats going early the solid pitching and defense that has been there all week will pull them through.

Warriors - Pitching - if they can get a very solid pitching outing by a 'dinged up' Washburn they will be right there in the game.  This team has enough hitting to get them by and have the ability to score some runs, but pitching is thin for them right now and they need their starter to get them 5+ innings (a quality fantasy camp start) to give them a good chance.

Championship Game (12:15pm):

Brewskies - Balance - keep the balance they have had all week long.  They will face the Cuban Stingers ace on the mound (but he has pitched the last two days, so probably won't get his 'best') so they need the combo platter of getting runs anyway they can, continue to pitch well, and play solid defense.  They only have one loss for many good reasons.

Cuban Stingers - Pitching - the MVP of the camp (in my eyes) is their starter.  The game rests on his shoulders - if he can be as dominating in this start as he had all camp - his team only needs to find 3-4 runs on offense to make it work.

Bold Predictions:
Since it was pointed out to me (thanks Rube) that I constantly say I hate making predictions and still move forward with them. (The Rube is 100% percent and this guy needs to be called out once in a while)  I am making predictions on today's games. Our game the Horse Racers have the edge - I am much healthier than Dick W. right now and I feel that is a big edge.  The Warriors have some sticks so if I can through the meat part of the order we should be fine.  Our team also wants to get Curt S. (78 years old) to pitch the 7th inning (again) -- so we are going to try to score 12-15 runs to make that happen.  We will be focused.    Final - Horse Racers 6 Warriors 3

The championship game will be great if Lance starts.  I am guessing that he is.   I could envision a situation where he doesn't start and if the other starter does not do well, Lance WILL get on the mound.  If Lance pitches the edge goes to the Stingers (a slight edge) -- if he doesn't start the edge goes to the Brewskies.
I say he starts and pitches a good (but not dominating) game and leads his team to another 4-3 victory (same score as the semi final game victory yesterday).   This game will be good, the Brewkies have some good bats so it won't be a shutout.

Quick Recap of Kangaroo Court:  I got dinged up a bit last night.  My attorney, Quicili, couldn't help me out at all and my 'tweeting in dugout' cost me a few bucks (originally $20 and then turned into $40), a took a called third strike ($5), and a $5 fine for not knowing how many outs (guilty by association evidently) my catcher started walking off the field (I didn't) after I struck out a batter in Weds. as battery mates I got the fine too.  I tried making an argument but most of the time it ends up being double if you do.....sometimes it is better to be wrong, rather than to be right and pay for it.

Win or lose today -- it's been a great week again.  I think I keep saying this, but my teammates this year were Awesome!  (again)  Joe, Paul S., Randy, Curt, Van, Ted, Phil, Ralph, Dan, Rick (Yoda), and my catcher Terry!   We played well just on the short end of a couple one run losses!  Let's get 'em boys today and take home the "Red" division championship!


~~ "You can observe a lot just by watching." - Yogi Berra ~~

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