Thursday, January 12, 2012

A quick thursday post....

We are going to go light on the post today -- like all the sores on my body right now, my mind needs a break as well.  I truly love writing this blog but damn....this is like work.  (the good kind!)

We played the Wanna Be's this morning and they are full of rookie campers -- we had Ralph on the mound and he is an overhand throwing version of softball.  I played in left field and was kept busy all morning -- only one hit found some green on the left side today.  I think I had 5 or 6 putouts.  We struck early and were up early 6-1, they clawed back to 6-5 and I led off the inning with a single to start a five run rally and we went on to win the game 11-6.

We evened our record to 3-3.  Now we faced the Cuban Stingers -- if we win, we go to the upper bracket, if we lose, we play in the lower bracket.

The Cuban Stingers pitched Lance - who in his last start struck out 18 guys (yes 18 out of 21).  Lance did not strike out 18 this time but pitched one heck of a game giving up 2 hits (maybe 3) and striking out probably 10 guys.  I went 0 for 2, grounding out to first and popping out to first (ugly AB's, I wish I had them back) - but he is a great pitcher and I would love to face him more -- I have yet to catch up to his fastball.

We play tomorrow morning and if we win we play in Hammond Stadium on Saturday in the morning tilt.  Van will be on the mound tomorrow and if we get to Saturday it appears I will be the starter for that matchup.

Off to grab some dinner -- will update with stats and pictures later this evening.


~~ "You can observe a lot just by watching." - Yogi Berra ~~

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