Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kangaroo Court is now in session

Kangaroo Court is now in session - Opening - See Video

On Tuesday and Friday the camp has Kangaroo Court with the Honorable Judge Bert Blyleven presiding the court.  This is an opportunity for the Judge to "fine" campers (and Pro Staff) for various offenses and "no-no's" -- items that will cost you money:  looking at a called third strike, being a rookie, not wearing shower shoes, and not listening to the judge.  Other fines that were levied during the evenings were as follows:

1)  Hrbek fined for losing his clipboard - See Video
2)  Mike S. fined for losing his glove (it was 'repurchased' via a fine) -- See Video
3)  Larry M. was fined for "fingering the food" - See Video

It is a great time and all fines go to the local children's hospital as a donation from the camp.
Kangaroo Court lasted about an hour and the fines tallied about $1300.00!

Kangaroo Court concludes:  See Video

This camper escaped K-Court without any fines....that is three court sessions in a row now.


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